Exclusive: AECOM launches Supervision+

Service aims to enhance efficiency and cost savings while reducing scope gaps and duplication

AECOM has launched Supervision+, a hybrid project delivery model that comprises elements of project management and construction supervision.

The firm says the service provides greater efficiency and cost savings to clients by providing a single point of contact. Supervision+ also reduces scope gaps and duplication, through streamlined communications and smoother delivery options.

Speaking to Middle East Consultant exclusively about how the service was conceptualised, Ian McGauley, SVP, director of Operations – Construction Services at AECOM says, “We sat with clients and rather than saying, ‘Here’s AECOM and these are all our great projects’, we’ve been asking, ‘What are your pressures and what do you want to do?’ One thing that we’re hearing time and again is ‘we want a different relationship’. Over the last few years partnering has become a buzz word, but it’s about trying to do something different. So, we explored what we could look at differently, as well as what we have already been doing differently, and morphed it into this offering.”

Supervision+ is said to be a response to a variety of issues that ultimately cause projects to over run on time and go over budget.

“According to reports, approximately 75% of projects in the GCC over run on time, while 56% or so are over budget. Really, it’s all about inefficiency but it’s also because everyone is being cost-conscious. Supervision+ is us listening to the market and trying to adapt. It’s an evolution rather than revolution. Innovation doesn’t have to be brainstorming new ideas, because sometimes small changes can make big differences,” explains David Clifton, director, Strategy & Growth – Construction Services at AECOM.

McGauley has seen the benefits of a single point of contact, thanks to his previous roles in overseas markets. He adds, “You bring learnings from overseas and you look at the Middle East and say it’s advanced but it could be better. That extra percentage on some of the big projects will transpire to significant savings to the client. This is all about operational efficiency – right now there’s so much inefficiency within projects. David and I did some work in terms of project overruns, and it’s horrendous, there’s a lot of wasted money!”

Read the full story about Supervision+ in the April issue of Middle East Consultant.

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