ADCI says that work on The V is nearly complete

Dubai-based commercial tower will introduce Dubai’s real estate market to highly efficient and technologically advanced office facilities, owner says

Al Dhaheri Capital Investment Group (ADCI) has announced that work on The V, its new commercial tower in Dubai, is nearing completion and will soon be ready for occupancy.

Described as a ‘smart and sophisticated commercial tower’, The V will host 23 offices, two stores and two retail outlets. The business hub will also host leading coffee shops as part of a push for a new concept, a statement from ADCI said.

Situated in the Barsha area of Dubai, the five-storey tower, which will cover an area of 8,500sqm, is a 10-15-minute drive from key areas in Dubai. It features an ultra-modern design and architecture and is an integrated smart business hub that comprises of offices, meeting rooms and social cafes.

ADCI added that the commercial tower will offer business ventures a ‘community feel through creatively designed spaces’, with the interiors having a range of intelligent technologies. These include biometric locks, mood lighting, voice control, self-operated coffee machines, curtain raisers and mirrors that monitor the arrival times of occupants, and then set the office in motion.

“The V commercial tower is almost complete and ready for occupancy. While the tower is a smart building equipped with ultra-modern facilities for commercial organisations, we are aiming to ensure that the space has a significant layer of digitisation to allow us to connect with consumer needs in a unique way,” said Rushdhi Muzammil, ADCI general manager (Real Estate).

“Key features of the wider development include strict security measures, optical recognition for cars, and safe and secured lockers that facilitate quick storing of data, information and treasured possessions. Featuring sophisticated designs, the commercial tower will offer a suite of features to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of occupants,’ he explained.

Muzammil explained that the tower is part of ADCI’s vision in introducing Dubai’s real estate market to highly efficient and technologically advanced office facilities.

“As an organisation, we have always believed in Dubai’s strategic capacity for real estate, and are confident that this new commercial tower will add significant and much-needed supply to accommodate the city’s economic growth,” he concluded.

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