XCMG to go on crane launch spree this year: ME targeted

Chinese brand launching 84 G-series cranes globally in 2019, with 25 targeted at Middle East, Africa and SE Asia markets

Chinese machinery brand XCMG has announced that it plans to introduce 84 new customised models of its G-series cranes globally by the end of this year.

The company said that the new launches around the world will comprise 25 cranes for the Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern and African markets.

These models will be designed with the conditions of the target markets in mind.

Liu Jiansen, assistant president of XCMG Machinery and GM of XCMG Import and Export, said: “We are confident that our new line of cranes will achieve success in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia

“By leveraging the industry’s first G-technology platform, XCMG will make breakthroughs by adapting to clients’ needs with differentiated products and cutting-edge technologies.”

According to XCMG, the G-series of cranes have been collaboratively designed by the company’s researchers in Europe, North America, Brazil and China.

The manufacturer added that its Hoisting Machinery Business Division saw a 33% year-on-year increase in overseas sales in 2018 while exports of crane product to Europe and North America went up by 50%.

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