Belgium awards tender for Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion

The pavilion will have 10,000 plants and a host of Belgian sustainability innovations

Belgium has announced that they have awarded the tender for the design, construction, scenography, maintenance and decommission of their Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion to the group Bemob-2020.

The group includes Belgian contractor Besix and Vanhout, design firms Assar Architects and Vincent Callebaut Architectures, and scenographers from Krafthaus. The pavilion is expected to showcase the country’s techniques, applications, products and materials through the interior and exterior of the pavilion.

Expo organisers have stated that the ark-inspired pavilion will be covered in lush greenery and will be designed to produce more energy than it consumes. It will draw on renewable resources to feed its energy needs, smart technologies to feed its plants and the country’s world-class cuisine to feed its guests, they stated. The heart of the design is preservation of the environment and will hence have natural light and ventilation, renewable energies and the smart use of water. The pavilion will also have an exhibition trail, souvenir shops, a business centre, and culinary offerings and a brasserie as well.

The pavilion will be located at the Expo 2020’s Mobility District and will present Belgium’s latest technological innovations for bringing people, goods and ideas together, as well as offer interactive discoveries where people can explore the ‘Belgium of the future’, Expo 2020 Dubai stated.

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