Ajman Square, a new mixed-use community launched in the emirate

The project will have cafes and restaurants and plenty of space for outdoor seating and a walking track

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department has launched a new mixed-use facility to attract residents and tourists to the emirate and to develop it as a tourist hub.

The project, Ajman Square will have numerous cafes and restaurants as well as a walking track and an open-air seating arrangement reported officials during the launch.

Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director-General of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department said: “The project highlights Ajman’s unique identity and aims to improve its living environment, by raising the emirate’s quality of life. The square will enable visitors to practice sports on a walking track and the open-air seating areas will draw the people to one place.”

Ismail Al Hosny, the project director, said the square was a result of the “Engineering Retreat of the Infrastructure Development Sector,” held in 2016 during which various initiatives were presented to showcase a new vision of the emirate and key projects that will positively affect residents and visitors, as well providing a healthy environment.

Al Nuaimi also added that the infrastructure sector recommended another project called the Ajman Pulse Project, a development that includes projects to highlight Ajman’s scenery and community services. Al Hosny noted that once the square is completed, the department will launch murals and sculpture projects and aim to provide ideal services for the entire community.

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