ENEC completes CHT testing at Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

Firm says testing is a significant milestone in the development of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Programme

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has announced that it completed cold hydrostatic testing (CHT) at Unit 3 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant in Abu Dhabi. The testing is a critical part of the completion of Unit 3 and is said to have incorporated lessons learnt from Units 1 and 2.

According to a statement, prior to the commencement of CHT, Unit 3’s Nuclear Steam Supply Systems were flushed with demineralised water, and the Reactor Pressure Vessel Head and Reactor Coolant Pump Seals were installed. During the CHT, the welds, joints, pipes and components of the reactor coolant system and associated high-pressure systems were verified.

As a part of Cold Hydrostatic Testing, the pressure inside Unit 3’s systems were increased to 25% above normal, in an effort to highlight and test the quality and robustness of the Unit’s construction.

“The successful completion of the CHT ensures that Unit 3’s coolant systems and high-pressure components meet the highest international standards of quality and safety, as per the regulations of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation. I am proud of the progress being made at Barakah, and the completion of these tests approximately one year after the completion of the same testing on Unit 2 demonstrates the experience we have gained from building four identical Units at the same time,” said Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of ENEC.

Through the testing process inspection teams from Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power, the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) along with ENEC and Nawah Energy Company (Nawah) had commissioning oversight and quality surveillance personnel onsite and performed detailed system inspections, verifying no component and piping system leakage.

The project at Barakah is progressing steadily and as of the end of October 2018, Unit 3 is more than 86% complete, while overall progress rate of Units 1 to 4 is more than 91% complete, ENEC said in a statement.

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