Adnoc inaugurates Taweelah Gas Compression Plant

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has announced the inauguration of its technologically advanced Taweelah Gas Compression Plant.

The plant will ensure an uninterrupted gas supply to major Abu Dhabi industries and to Fujairah. It is located 50 km north of Abu Dhabi city, and will utilise 12.74 million standard cu m per day of sales gas. The company stated that the gas will be delivered to the facility by Adnoc Gas Processing’s recently installed Maqta-Taweelah pipeline.

With Adnoc’s newly integrated gas strategy, which will help UAE to achieve gas self-sufficiency and transform itself to a net gas exporter in the works, the Taweelah Gas Compression Plant is expected to pave way for an economical and sustainable supply of gas.

Commenting on the inauguration, Dr Sultan Al Jabber, Minister of State and Adnoc group CEO said: “The Taweelah Gas Compression Plant supports the nation’s increasing demand for energy and will play a critical role in the UAE’s drive towards economic diversification by supporting major industrial users.”

“It effectively expands the national gas infrastructure for the efficient delivery of gas within the country. This will allow Adnoc to better service its customers throughout the UAE and to implement one of our key strategic imperatives, which is to provide a sustainable and economic supply of gas,” he stated.

The main contractor of the project Joe Kaeser, president and CEO of Siemens AG stated that the project was completed in record timing and signified a global benchmark on how efficient teams working closely, enabled the company to deliver the project as expected.

“When our customer told us this is a strategically significant project for the UAE and will drive economic development, we committed to deliver in unprecedented time and reliability,” he stated.

Other attendees at the inauguration were Ernst Peter Fischer, Germany’s ambassador to the UAE; Abu Dhabi government officials; members of Adnoc and Siemens’ management teams and Adnoc customers.

According to a statement from Adnoc, the Taweelah Gas Compression Plant comprises three compression trains, each with a processing capacity of 6.37 million standard cubic metre per day. At any one time, two of the compression trains will be operational, with the third on standby.


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