Scania launches New Truck Generation in UAE

New range “can drive evolution of the transportation industry” in the UAE and GCC

The head of Scania in the Middle East says the launch of its­­ new and complete truck range in the UAE can; “drive the evolution of the transportation industry in line with the ambitions of the UAE National Agenda 2021.”

Scania’s new truck generation was officially unveiled at two major launch events held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai this week. Özcan Barmoro, managing director of Scania Middle East, added that the new truck generation is, “Inspired by our core value of putting customers first, global trends and challenges, this generation of trucks is designed to better meet the needs of our customers and the world we live in. It has efficiency in both fuel economy and performance incorporated into a design inspired by the Scania heritage. Our new truck range will contribute to the ambitions of the UAE to become a sustainable nation, powered by smart technology solutions.”

With the complete new truck range, Scania claims it is setting a new standard for what is premium in the region’s transport industry. The result of ten years of development work and investments of over two billion euros, the new truck generation draws on Scania’s 127-year heritage as an industry leader. The company has been playing a role in the region’s transport sector for more than four decades. It says it provides “outstanding fuel efficient and optimised vehicles, fully customised and adapted to the requirements and operating conditions of the Middle East.”

The new truck generation gained instant recognition when it was first launched two years ago and has won a succession of major awards including the coveted International Truck of the Year prize at IAA 2016. The Swedish commercial vehicles and engine producer describes the range as: “loaded with enhancements, the new truck range further improves Scania’s already strong fuel performance due to factors such as improved powertrains and better aerodynamics. Another notable feature is the availability and offering of 24 different cab models. With driver’s safety at the forefront of Scania’s goals, the new truck range also provides the world’s first rollover side curtain airbag.”

“Scania’s trucks are popular in Dubai/Northern Emirates due to their robustness and reliability, as well as the sales and aftersales service support extended 24×7 by Al Shirawi’s highly competent factory-trained team,” commented Thani Al Shirawi, CEO, Al Shirawi, distributor for Scania in Dubai and Northern Emirates. “It enables customers to experience value of the advanced design and quality which is built ‘for the only business that matters, Yours’. With the arrival of the new truck generation, Scania offers tailor-made, better solutions than ever before which is a result of a deeper understanding of our customers’ businesses. We welcome the new range of Scania trucks and are anticipating a strongly positive response from our customers.”

Moeen Bin Brook, CEO of Bin Brook Motors & Equipment LLC, distributor for Scania in Abu Dhabi said that Scania products are designed for different customer applications, “with the total operating economy in mind. For us in the region, especially with the new Scania XT, Scania’s focus on tailor-made solutions for each application will increase uptime and the earning capacity of construction segment who have to cope with tough challenges.”


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