GE commits to supplying Iraq with enough power for 14 million homes

Upgrades at existing power plant sites to bring approximately 1.5 GW of additional power online by 2019

US-listed power giant GE says it has signed a Principles of Cooperation (POC) with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to further develop the country’s power sector.

The plan, which includes upgrades to existing plants as well as new power plants, is expected to generate up to 14 gigawatts (GW) of power as well as: “Create up to 65,000 direct and indirect jobs, support the government to realize savings and recoverable losses of up to $3 billion per year, establish a local technology center and support water and healthcare access,” said GE in a statement.

The POC was signed by Minister Qasim Al Fahdawi, Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, and Joseph Anis, CEO of GE’s Power Services in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East.

The comprehensive plan builds on GE’s legacy of continuous presence and commitment to bring progress to the people of Iraq over the past 50 years, said GE.

The POC contains two key tenets.

The first, called ‘Supporting the path to energy security with 14 GW’, commits GE to initially deploying its proven fast power technologies and undertake upgrades at existing power plant sites to bring approximately 1.5 GW of additional power online by 2019 – the equivalent electricity needed to supply up to 1.5 million Iraqi homes, as well as undertake maintenance and rehabilitation services to secure the availability of another 7 GW that are currently operating.

“In addition, the agreement includes upgrades and services for existing power plants; the conversion of simple cycle power plants to combined cycle, which can help bring new power online without consuming additional fuel or releasing further emissions; as well as the establishment of new power plants with efficient, reliable power generation technology. Furthermore, GE will develop substations and overhead lines across the country, and a centralized energy management system covering generation, transmission and distribution. These initiatives will add up to 14 GW of power and strengthen grid connectivity,” explained GE.

A second tenet, ‘Realising $3 billion in savings and recoverable losses annually’ sets GE the target of helping the government realise savings and recover losses of up to $3 billion per year.

“Repairs, maintenance, upgrades and other services will help to reduce the operating costs of existing power plants. To further improve the transmission and distribution of power, GE will undertake comprehensive decongestion network studies, as well as advisory services to reduce collection recoverable losses. In addition, GE is offering its unique solution for integrating the capture of flared gas and power generation using GE’s advanced Gas to Power technologies. In July, Baker Hughes, a GE company signed a contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil for a modular natural gas plant solution for flared gas recovery in the Nassiriya and Al Gharraf oilfields,” explained GE in the statement.

“Our presence in Iraq is based on a history of trust, partnership and success that spans over 50 years. We are honored to support the government’s focus on rebuilding Iraq, and we are proud of our legacy of delivering power where needed in the country. We understand how important it is to deliver power immediately and our holistic action plan brings together advanced solutions, financing, local investments, trainings and social services that are expected to benefit families, businesses and industries across Iraq,” said Russell Stokes, CEO, GE Power.



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