Empower to build a 40,000 RT DC plant for Dubailand Residential Complex

The new plant will add to Empowers’ portfolio of 73 cooling plants

Empower (Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation) has been commissioned to build its fourth district cooling plant at the Dubailand Residential Complex (DLRC).

The new plant will have a capacity of 40,000 RT (Refrigeration Ton) and will accompany the existing three district cooling plants built by Empower for DLRC since 2010. With more buildings and increased consumption in the area, the new plant is expected to raise the current capacity.

“Empower works on a strategic plan to develop its infrastructure by increasing the number of areas covered by district cooling systems in Dubai and expanding its existing network of 85,000 customers,” said Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

“This contributes to making Dubai the most sustainable city in the world and the city with the lowest carbon footprint by 2050.”

He added that: “Our cooling plants are efficient and reliable to achieve the highest levels of sustainable energy performance.”

The district cooling plant will use digital technology and artificial intelligence applications to reduce energy consumption for cooling operations using sustainable approaches. These include wastewater treatment technologies and thermal storage tanks that will be connected to Empower’s command control centre to determine supply and consumption rates.

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