Bee’ah launches UAE’s first AI platform for office of the future

System to be deployed in a pilot phase in 2019 at the company’s headquarters building

Environment and waste management firm Bee’ah has partnered with Evoteq to launch the UAE’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for ‘offices of the future’. The platform was developed by the firm’s digital unit with the support of the Higher Committee for the Digital Transformation of Sharjah.

Bee’ah says the platform will digitally transform offices and operations to maximise productivity, business excellence and sustainable practices. The system is said to reflect Bee’ah’s mission of improving quality of life through innovation.

The system is to be deployed in a pilot phase in 2019 at the company’s headquarters, after which it will be made available to governments and the public.

“As we adopt innovative technologies that allow employees to work smarter, communicate effectively, and stay productive, we recognise the importance of AI and automation in ensuring the long-term future of our government services,” said Sheikh Fahim Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, executive chairman of the Department of Government Relations and chairman of the Higher Committee for the Digital Transformation of Sharjah.

The platform is said to rely on sensors, interfaces, algorithms and processing power. The SaaS-based (Software as a Service) platform will also have its own persona and voice-activated interface, which Bee’ah says will make the platform easy to use. The system is designed to integrate into existing work environments and will enable users to operate ‘at an optimised, accelerated rate by streamlining day to day tasks and all business operations’.

The platform is aligned with the UAE Strategy for AI and is expected to enable the country’s transition from e-governments to AI-powered government systems. Government employees will also be able to rely on smart integrated services, such as frictionless access to office premises using facial recognition, Bee’ah said in its statement.

“The world-class AI platform propels Sharjah towards the forefront of the AI and data revolution at an exponential rate. With this system, there are limitless possibilities for enriching businesses and improving the quality of life for citizens,” Al Qasimi added.

Ahead of its full-scale roll-out, the AI system will be fully deployed at Bee’ah’s new headquarters, which is said to be the first fully AI integrated building in the Middle East. The LEED certified office was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, and will use technology to advance office productivity, streamline communications, enable fully sustainable operations, while being powered by 100% renewable energy.

Bee’ah Group CEO Khaled Al Huraime said: “Innovation has always been central to everything Bee’ah does, and we have used technology and innovation to spearhead our growth. Our AI system is being developed to create offices of the future that enable faster, better and more sustainable workplaces. It effectively automates data collection, logistics, and other business functions while monitoring factors like energy consumption. In addition to enhancing the smart capabilities of our HQ, we believe this system, once rolled out, will have a tangible impact on the operations of governments and entities across the region.”

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