Call to preserve KSA architecture

Industry experts say development of Kingdom should preserve local architecture and culture

Industry experts in Saudi Arabia have called for the introduction of a local set of standards to help in the preservation of architectural identity of major cities around the Kingdom.

The lack of strict regulations that oblige architects and civil designers to apply such needed standards is leading to the deformation and eradication of the local identity, said Hassan Shawly, head of the civil and regional planning department in the environmental design faculty at King Abdul Aziz University.

“Local architectural identity is a reflection of the development of culture through the ages. Losing this identity means having generations with no links to the past,” said Shawly.

Saudi architect Fouad Ammar said municipalities as well as the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities should be responsible for the protection of architectural identity of town and cities.

“The historical area in Jeddah needs more attention by them. If properly taken care of, this area can narrate Jeddah’s history and become a prominent tourist site in the country,” said Ammar.

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