Hire construction professionals, Saudis told

Engineering consultants have warned the Saudi construction sector to employ highly trained professionals, if it wants to sustain its growth

Consultants have called for more highly trained professionals to sustain KSA’s construction boom.

Engineering consultancy Advanced Construction Technology Services (ACTS) has said the Saudi construction sector needs to employ highly-trained professionals to sustain the growth in the sector.

The quality of professionals could influence the sustained progress of Saudi Arabia’s construction sector, which is expected to achieve 5.4% growth this year, driven by increased government spending into social and economic infrastructure, said Dr Maher El Barrak, head of ACTS Training & Consultancy Division.

“Saudi Arabia gives a lot of importance to training. In fact, training is a key strategy in the Saudization of jobs at all levels,” said El Barrak.

“However, what we have observed is that, in the construction sector, training is still undervalued,” added El Barrak.

Beside some large companies in the Kingdom,which embrace training as a key to a better workforce, several other construction companies consider training as a cost burden and a time where their people are not productive, he said.

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