ABB launches 3D VR tool to design and plan projects

Tool will allow power infrastructure to be designed to be safer, more efficient and cost effective

ABB has unveiled a new design and planning tool which will enable customers to ‘walk through’ projects. The 3D VR ABB Ability-enabled tool is said to be an ‘industry-wide step change in design and planning technology’ and enables project designers to optimise the process of building power infrastructure.

By using VR goggles, a users’ avatar can virtually walk through projects. ABB notes the technology could be used for building FACTS substations, HVDC stations and digital alternating-current (AC) substations.

According to a statement from the firm, the technology can be deployed early in the consulting and design process or even during the final walk-through, which will save time and money.

“This digital innovation will enable customers to realistically experience the project before construction has even started and to make timely modifications. This helps to optimise the project, bringing time and cost efficiencies and enhancing safety. It can be deployed across the power value chain and is another example of ABB’s ongoing commitment to technology and innovation as a partner of choice in enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid,” said Gerhard Salge, head of Technology, Power Grids division at ABB.

VR-based design review in the early stages will help customers ‘see’ and adapt certain site-design elements, like spatial elements, optimized footprint and health and safety issues beforehand, the company said.

ABB added that the technology also enables multiple stakeholders, spread across geographies, to participate in the design and review process.

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