Skyjack introduces new secondary guarding safety system

SGLE a solution for secondary guarding of scissors and vertical mast lifts

Powered access major Skyjack has introduced its Secondary Guarding Lift Enable (SGLE) system, a new solution for secondary guarding of scissors and vertical mast lifts.

According to the manufacturer, the launch is the result of growing awareness and interest in the market in safety at heights, especially through incorporating secondary guarding systems for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).

A statement from Skyjack said: “Industry groups have recently suggested possible circumstances, conditions and operations that might result in inadvertent contact with obstructions and consequently an entrapment hazard. As a result, a form of secondary guarding is now being requested on scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts by some equipment users. So, we introduced SGLE.”

With a strong control box shroud, the SGLE system allows for additional guarding of controls, which reduces the risk associated with unintended actuation. Skyjack says that a secondary anti-tamper enable button is located on the side of the control box. The operator must activate both the joystick and the secondary enabler to lift the platform. Releasing either control stops the elevate function immediately. With two-handed operation required to lift the platform, the operator’s body is also maintained in an upright position and away from the railings, which lowers the risk of entrapment.

Lowering the platform or driving it on its wheels or tracks requires use of only the joystick, with the secondary enable button not used for these functions, Skyjack states.

The statement added that SGLE is suitable for all Skyjack vertical mast lift and scissor lift models. It is available directly installed from the factory or as an aftermarket accessory.


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