Saudi cement makers report rise in demand

Growth in the Kingdom’s construction sector has pushed the demand for cement

Kuwait-based Global Investment House has said cement demand in Saudi Arabia climbed 12.6% year-on-year in the first half of this year to 28 million tonnes, reflecting the growth of the Kingdom’s construction sector.

The cement and clinker production was particularly strong in during the period, with total cement production growing by 10.9% year-on-year and clinker dispatches by 8.2% year-on-year, the investment firm said.

In term of cement production and dispatches, Saudi Cement Company dominated the first half of the year securing 16.6% share in production and 16.1% market share in dispatches, followed by Southern Province Cement Company and Yamama Cement.

Northern Cement continued to lead cement dispatches year-on-year growth at 59.1%, mainly due to the low base effect.

Saudi, Yanbu and Jouf Cement Company also reported solid performances with an increase of 33.2%, 33.1% and 18.8% growth, said the report.


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