RTA tests efficiency and manufacturing quality of rail fastening systems for Route 2020 Project

Visit by senior RTA delegation was to ensure all fastening systems were compatible with both local and international specifications and standards

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has said that a senior delegation has toured the factory of the UK manufacturing group Pandrol to conduct tests and verify the efficiency and the manufacturing quality of rail fastening systems being supplied for the Route 2020 Project.

In a statement, the RTA said that the visit was mainly to ensure that all rail fastening systems were compatible with the specifications for the Route 2020 Project, as well as matching up to international specifications.

The delegation also attended a series of field tests to ensure that the components were free from internal cracks and corrosion defects, as well as being capable of resisting the effects of Dubai’s environmental and climate conditions.

Situated at Addlestone in Surry, England, 30km southwest of London, the Pandrol facility specialises in the manufacture of rail fastening systems. The system clips the rail track and absorbs vibrations from the train’s movement, thereby reducing noise levels, while also bringing it in line with local and international standards which are applied in Dubai.

The system is also highly efficient in sustaining the heat, humidity and salty local climate conditions, the statement added.

The aim of these visits to several factories in different countries is part of the RTA’s commitment to ensuring that the highest technical standards are met on the Route 2020 Project, it concluded.

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