Bristol Fire Engineering demonstrates high-rise firefighting equipment to Civil Defence in Sharjah

Live demos show UAE officials new FL60XR Bronto Skylift aerial hydraulic platform, useful for tackling blazes and rescue operations in skyscrapers

Abu Dhabi-based firefighting services and equipment specialist, Bristol Fire Engineering, held a live demonstration of the latest technology in aerial hydraulic platforms for senior government officials in the UAE capital earlier this week.

An announcement by Bristol said delegations from the UAE ministry of Interior and Civil Defence departments were shown “the extensive capabilities of the new ‘FL60XR Bronto Skylift’, with its new control system generation (B+5), at a series of events held at the Muweilah fire station in Sharjah”.

Capable of extending to up to 60m, the Bronto Skylift has been designed to address the increasing need for civil defence teams to access greater heights and tackle blazes in residential, office and hotel skyscrapers across the UAE, added Bristol.

A truck-mounted platform system, the FL60XR has been adopted by Civil Defence departments across Europe. Its telescopic hydraulic design, complete with a turntable ladder, gives increased versatility and usability to operating crews to perform their duties.

Bristol added that firefighting teams using the FL60XR also benefit from a large rescue cage, which can be equipped with medical equipment including stretchers, escape ladders and powerful, pressurised water hoses. The new version of Bronto’s aerial platform system has a horizontal outreach of 31.5m with a maximum rescue cage load of 500kg. The transportation length is less than 12m, which meets general international regulations.

The platforms also have advanced collision guard sensors, providing the operator with warnings to avoid the cage impacting buildings or other infrastructure; while loud speakers and radios allow for communications between personnel. Civil Defence chiefs and ministry of Interior officials were also shown how easily and quickly the system can be deployed, said Bristol.

Mahmoud Awad, MD, Bristol, said: “As a leading national company in the field of fire safety and protection, Bristol consistently brings the latest technologies to the local market and is committed to working closely with Civil Defence departments in each emirate.

“The live demonstrations of the FL60XR Bronto Skylift, allowed Bristol to build on its important relationship with officials from the Ministry of Interior, and further reinforce our commitment to providing firefighters with the latest equipment to protect residents and properties across the UAE.”

Bristol will provide fabrication expertise and after-sale care for the FL60XR Bronto Skylift system at its Abu Dhabi service centre and manufacturing facility, which currently serves Civil Defence and police teams, as well as the oil and gas sector, rescue operations and utility companies.

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