Al Habbai Contracting appointed main contractor for 5-star Sabah Rotana

RSG Group of Companies says contractor matches its passion for project

Real estate developer RSG Group of Companies says Al Habbai Contracting is the “perfect choice” after it awarded the company with the role of main contractor for its next major project, Sabah Rotana.

In a statement, RSG revealed that the contract is worth $136 million and includes the construction of a 54-floor building on Dubai’s main arterial road, Sheikh Zayed Road.

The 5-star hotel and hotel apartments has been projected to be completed in 2.5 years. Al Habbai Contracting LLC was chosen from a competent list of contracting firms who bid for the project, said RSG, but  a proven track record of excellence and commitment to the project tipped “the scales in their favour” over other competitors.

According to RSG, the project is a marked departure from the standard architectural designs: “The asymmetrical balconies, pointed tapered sides add a layered dimension to the building that both inspires and challenges the developer. Al Habbai Contracting LLC shares RSG’s enthusiasm in creating a structure that is a visual masterpiece and reflects the innovative spirit of the firm.”

Sabah Rotana is a collaboration between RSG Group of Companies and Rotana, one of the leading hotel management companies in the region with hotels across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey. The project has received pre-approval under the category rating of 5-star and Tourism property by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). RSG hopes it will be a new landmark on the Dubai skyline.

As per the contract, the main contractor will completely focus on the construction of this massive landmark project ‘Sabah Rotana’, aligning with RSG’s core principles of quality and timely delivery of projects, added RSG.

“The road was long, and it was tough to finalize the main contractor that matched the same level of passion and commitment towards Sabah Rotana,” commented Raj Sahni, chairman of RSG Group of Companies.“ In the end, the search yielded great results in the form of Al Habbai Contracting LLC, whom we welcome to a long partnership with us. As evidenced by their past work, they have validated themselves as the perfect choice for the position. We strongly believe that the product of this collaboration befits the vision that we have for Sabah Rotana.”

“It will be a privilege to work on this project with RSG Group of Companies, and we are grateful for the trust they have shown in our capabilities,” Ali Al Habbai, CEO, Al Habbai Contracting said at the announcement. It will serve as an incentive going forward as we strive to not only achieve but surpass their expectations. We have always believed in going the extra mile and will ensure the timely completion of the project with a perfect score on quality as well.”


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