Iraq government awards Mitsubishi Corporation $110m port contract

Basra project reflects increasing volume of trade moving in and out of the country

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Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has won a $110m contract to rehabilitate a port in the southern region of Basra. The project is being funded through ODA loans provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Through the project, the Iraqi government aims to modernise existing industrial port facilities around Basra by expanding oil product berths at Khor Al Zubair Port. The project will also see the construction of a new service berth for working ships and service boats at Umm Qasr Port.

According to a statement from MC, the rehabilitation of ports throughout Iraq is essential to meeting the increasing demand for port infrastructure. The latter is said to be due to the rapidly increasing volume of trade flowing in and out of the country.

The port project will be implemented in partnership with several international contractors, including two Turkish firms; energy infrastructure provider Calik Enerji (CE) and construction firm Gap Insaat. Both firms are part of the Calik Holding Group and are expected to play a major role in the construction work.

MC will be responsible for overall project coordination and will also serve as the prime contractor, responsible for the import of steel structures and other necessary supplies from Japan.

Additionally, Mitsubishi Corporation intends to continue leveraging provisions under the Japanese Government policy framework for promoting export of “high-quality infrastructure” to identify opportunities that support Iraq’s efforts towards reconstruction, economic development, and increased quality of life.


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