ALE’s massive 5,134t evaporator move in KSA the heaviest object ever transported

ALE claims a new world record as it moving a 5,134t evaporator in Jeddah

Global heavy lift and transport specialist ALE has claimed a new world record for moving a 5,134t evaporator in Saudi Arabia.

The company said in a statement that it was contracted to deliver the evaporator, as well as lime filters, steam transformers and a brine manifold, to the Shoaiba Desalination Plant Project near Jeddah. It undertook the transportation project and, with the evaporator, broke the world record for the heaviest object to be transported.

ALE said it first received the items at the plant’s jetty in April and loaded the evaporator using 186 Generation 3 SPMT axle lines in a 3×2 file 62 configuration. Various other smaller configurations were used for the other items. These were then transported over a kilometre to the desalination plant project site. When they reached the site, ALE had to find a route within the plant, which was full of challenges. To keep removal of obstacles to a minimum, the cargo was modified to pass over fences.

“It is fantastic to be involved in transporting cargo of this sheer size and scale that makes it such a landmark move,” said Andrew Spink, GM, ALE Saudi Arabia.

“This was a complex operation, not only in terms of the pieces involved, but also the logistics of receiving almost 200 axle lines of SPMT and mobilising an experienced transport crew. It was completed successfully and sailed away within the time constraints all thanks to our team’s flexibility, local expertise and effective co-ordination between the ALE’s Middle East branches.”

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