Doosan teams up with Trimble for excavator telematics

Korean-built machines come with factory-fitted Trimble grade control options for precision digging

Korean equipment giant Doosan and Trimble have announced a collaboration to introduce the Trimble Ready telematics suite as a factory-fitted option for Doosan excavators.

According to Doosan, the move is in response to the increasing demand for grade control systems. The OEM company added that the Trimble Ready option will be available direct from its factory through Doosan Smart Solutions for use with Trimble GCS900 2D and 3D Grade Control Systems.

The Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System uses GNSS, GPS, laser, sonic or total station technology to give operators access to design surfaces, grades and alignments on a display inside the excavator cab. The system accurately positions the excavator bucket in real time, improving productivity and efficiency.

The GCS900 system displays the site plan and grade information in the cab, enabling operators to obtain higher precision finishing with a reduced number of passes. This allows for completion of jobs faster with minimal supervision, says Doosan.

Also, the system does way with the need for subcontractors to provide survey and grade checking information, which eliminates waiting time. Since the system ensures that jobs to be completed correctly the first time, it also removes the need for additional finishing runs, leading to savings of both time and money on fuel and machine wear.

According to Doosan and Trimble, the use of a common grade control platform across an entire excavator fleet allows customers to port the system between machines and machine types. Flexible and scalable components can be used on a wide variety of machines. The improved productivity that results leads to a reduction in personnel and machine costs and accurate grading also helps customers to carefully control material usage and fuel costs.

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