KSA anti-corruption unit slams supervisory bodies

Nazaha blames weak control of consultants and supervisory bodies for flaws in project execution

Saudi Arabia’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) has blamed weak control of consultants and the supervisory bodies for the small number of service projects which are implemented as required.

This flaw in execution is also due to the fact that “some managers do not know anything about their projects,” President of Nazaha, Muhammad Al-Sharief, was quoted as saying by Arab News.

He also criticised the excessive project costs, which, he said, are the highest in the world, but said the commission had no evidence of corruption or that the costs were overpriced.

However, Al Sharief said the anti-corruption body has several cases related to purchasing equipment and machinery for prices higher than their costs in the projects’ preliminary assessments and estimations, based on the Saudi construction code.

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