Launch: Region helped design new Ford Trucks’ 6×4

The 6×4 Tractor Head series spec meets UAE fleet requirements, says Al Tayer

Al Tayer Motors has launched Ford Trucks’ new 6×4 Tractor Head series (3543T) for the UAE market at an event held in Dubai.

The new vehicle includes features such as a 10mm 500 MPa strong steel chassis, twin clutch, 16-speed ZF manual transmission, and offers day and sleeper cab options. The truck also features 24in tyres to provide superior ground clearance and high traction in extreme and challenging conditions. According to Ford Trucks and Al Tayer, the tyres meet requests for the size in the market, while the high front axle capacity also meets fleet requirements for durability and high towing capacity for the transportation of heavy loads.

“A truly competitive, viable and economical alternative, the Ford Trucks 6×4 Tractor Head series are powerful and capable vehicles tailored to meet the specific needs of the UAE market. The 3543T is now equipped with 24-inch tyres in response to the market requirement and is currently being offered with a comprehensive warranty that can be extended up to five years,” said Ashok Khanna, CEO, Al Tayer Motors.

The managing director Middle East of Ford Trucks, Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu added that Ford Trucks is “continually focused” on building long-term relationships with its customers by understanding the true need of each customer and the regional requirements.

“It is always Ford Trucks’ aim to provide a unique experience to each customer by finding the right solution based upon their business needs. As a reflection of that Ford Trucks’ global aspect, our new series has been designed and developed with consideration of our GCC clients’ needs and market requirements. Furthermore, Ford Trucks aims to continue being a true business partner even after the customers’ purchasing,” he said. “Besides providing a wide range of products, we also offer entire service and support benefits at after sales period. According to customers’ business needs we offer both preventive service contract and comprehensive service contracts, which customers can always tailor to their operating requirements.”

In its launch notes, Ford Trucks says the 6×4 set-up is a popular and preferred axle configuration for rigs in the region mainly because of its capacity to move heavy loads and having better grip on off-road conditions such as construction and quarry sites. Working in tandem with the the 12.7l Ecotorque engine, the axles are also capable of delivering power to the tyres – “thereby producing better control and overall vehicle operation; and being ideal for long distance haulage.”

The company adds: “Offering comfort and exceptional uphill traction, the 2018 6×4 Tractor Head series delivers a whopping 430 PS at 1800 rpm and 2150 Nm of torque between 1000 – 1300 rpm. The optional 600 KW Intarder option offered for even tougher conditions brings the total braking capacity to 1000 KW, ensuring that the heaviest loads can be carried safely on even the steepest slopes. Ford Trucks’ vehicles offer quality and durability with low cost of ownership. Additionally, models such as 1843T tractor, 1833 (4×2), 3543P/M/D (6×4) and 4143M/D (8×4) can be customised with transmission and cabin modules for on-road and off-road conditions.”

Ford Trucks says it has designed the Ford 3543T “for the most demanding environments, with best-in-class sequence and efficiency, an important feature in the new Ford Series is the Automated Transmission option. With Off-road, Rocking and Economy modes, the Automated Transmission option assists drivers in keeping their vehicle sure-footed on virtually any terrain.The new Ford Trucks series continues to save after purchase, offering a competitive advantage with 25% reduced maintenance costs. The service periods extended up to 40,000 km/ 800 hours offer will allow the customers to have the most competitive maintenance advantage in the logistics and construction sectors.”

The truck also features Ford Truck’s Hot Climate Package which was extensively tested in the region prior to its launch across its product line-up.

“The Hot Climate Package provides comfort in hot and dusty environments with improved A/C and radiator performance, and improved cabin isolation and filtration. The package was developed over a two-year period of vehicle durability tests in simulated laboratory conditions and also tailored to specific customer expectations through a series of road tests in the region,” says Ford Trucks

Al Tayer and Ford Trucks are offering a set of services around the truck designed to make the Ford 3543T very competitive and offer less down time and low fuel consumption, including allowing the standard warranty to be extended up to five years as well as on-site maintenance and repair services. Fleet wanting to optimise their efficiency can also enroll their drivers into the Ford Driver Academy.

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