Masdar City delayed and downscaled

Abu Dhabi?s US $22 billion eco-project, Masdar City, may not be delivered for up to 15 years.

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Abu Dhabi’s US $22 billion eco-project, Masdar City, may not be delivered for up to 15 years.
Following the results of a report initiated earlier this year by government-owned Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company), the project deadline has been “revised” and reset for 2020, with the possibility it may not be fully completed before 2025. When the project began in 2006, it was expected to be completed by 2014.
Project director Alan Frost joined Masdar in February 2010. He said the delay is due to demand issues, which “cannot be forecast at the moment.”
“We’re not going to build ahead of the market; we’re going to build to market demand," Frost added.
In addition to the revised completion date, it is unlikely the city will be powered completely onsite as originally intended, although it will still be fully powered by renewable energy purchased off site. While the city still aims to be car free, plans for an electric shuttle-car network have been downscaled.
“The review process was intended to update the master-plan and take into account market and technology developments since the original strategy for Masdar City was developed in 2006. In particular, the review sought to capture the knowledge gained through three years of construction and completion of Masdar City’s first building as well as taking into account changing market conditions and the evolution of technology,” said Frost.
The report is the first in a series of project updates, which will continue during the delivery of Masdar City.
Six buildings have been completed to date, including the Masdar Institute which came into use this September. Masdar City is designed by British based architect Foster and Partners.


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