ENEC announces a number of construction milestones for Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

Achievements mark significant progression in the construction of the nuclear energy plant

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has announced that it has achieved a number of significant construction milestones at the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, including the energisation of the switchyards for Units 3 and 4, along with Unit 2’s Main Power Transformer (MTR), excitation transformer and unit auxiliary power transformers (UAT).

The connection of Units 3 and 4 to the UAE electricity transmission grid is required for future testing and it will allow for the completion of additional auxiliary buildings at both units, a report from Trade Arabia said.

Furthermore, the energisation of Unit 2’s MTR, excitation transformer and UAT will allow for the initiation of Hot Functional Testing (HFT). These achievements mark another set of milestones in the progression of construction for the nuclear energy plant, which is located in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi.

“These milestones are a result of our extensive collaboration with our Prime Contractor and Joint Venture partner, the Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco),” said Mohamed Al Hammadi, the CEO of ENEC.

“Working together and benefitting from the experience gained when conducting the same work on Unit 1, the teams continue to make significant progress while continuing to implement the highest international standards of safety, security and quality,” he observed.

Over the past year, Enec and Kepco have achieved a series of other construction milestones on the units of the Barakah Plant, Al Hammadi added.

He pointed out that the Reactor Containment Building Liner Dome section has been installed, while concrete pouring for the dome is complete on Unit 3. The Reactor Containment Liner Plate Rings, Reactor Vessel, Steam Generators and Condenser have also been installed on Unit 4, while testing and commissioning activities are progressing on Units 1 and 2, he said.


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