Stage two of ALBA heat stress initiative begins

Aluminium producer said Q2 net profit had dropped by half to $92m due to low prices and high costs

Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) has rolled out the second stage of its ‘Heat Stress Management Programme’ for August, which defines the responsibilities of each management level in preventing heat stress.

The initiative, which was launched in summer 2011, also includes heat level indicators and provides a daily heat stress index with practical tips on how employees can protect themselves.

The programme will see coordinators from ALBA’s health, safety and environment (HSE) department and staff from the Alba Health Care Centre hold a series of heat stress awareness sessions for the company’s employees across all departments.

“Monitoring heat stress levels, thus, enables us to stay a step ahead and adopt preventive measures against any possible emergency, before it could occur,” said chief executive of ALBA, Laurent Schmitt.

Meanwhile, the aluminium producer, which owns the world’s fourth-largest aluminium smelter, said its second-quarter net profit had dropped by almost half to $95m, on lower metal prices and higher gas costs.

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