UAE begins enforcing new labour rules

Ministry of Labour cracks down on companies violating regulations surrounding labourer welfare

New labour rules and regulations set by the UAE Ministry of Labour came into effect last week, as the government seeks to provide labourers with more protection and welfare.

The new regulations cover violations such as delaying the renewal of labour cards by 60 days or more after its expiry, which will be subject to a fine of $272 per month even if the delay is only for less than a month.

Other violations include the falsification of Emiratisation records, providing incorrect information in the wage protection system, violating the midday break rule and non-participation in the wage protection system.

Furthermore, other violations that will be flagged up include the non-settlement of employee wages for 60 days or more, non-compliance with the labourers’ housing and accommodation regulations, and not employing the worker for a period exceeding two months.

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