DC Pro expands in Australia as green demand grows

Australia has committed to reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 28% by 2030


DC Pro Engineering has opened offices in Perth and Melbourne, as per a statement from the firm. The UAE-based engineering consultancy says the new offices will allow it to service the growing demand for renewable energy from businesses and entities across the country.

The offices will work with public and private entities spanning the east and west electricity grids. DC Pro plans to adapt the latest innovations and approaches to meet the energy distribution, generation and storage needs of Australian consumers.

Renewables have been highlighted as a key part of Australia’s energy future – the country plans to transition to greener energy in line with its commitment to cut carbon emissions under the terms of the Paris Agreement. Research from the Australia Institute found that the country can meet its 28% emission reduction goal by ensuring that 66% of its energy comes from renewable sources by 2030.

“Renewables are on the way to becoming the dominant source of energy across the globe. Governments are now aware that global warming is a real threat and are now focusing on sustainability. The Australian government has pledged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2030, and DC Pro Engineering identified a way in which we could contribute to this vision that embodies our approach,” said George Berbari, CEO of DC Pro Engineering.

DC Pro Engineering has identified Australia as a key territory for growth opportunities, and notes that a desire to be part of the country’s green vision led the firm to open its new offices.

“District energy technologies will play an increasingly important role in energy storage and conservation, given the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, and this is one area where DC Pro Engineering will excel,” added Berbari.

Marcus Wearing-Smith, representative of DC Pro Australia, said: “District energy systems are being considered as a necessary component of Australia’s energy future. The emergence of renewable energy micro grids is essential to cater for the geographically disparate energy profile of the Australian continent. Traditional electricity grids are failing. DC Pro’s experience is directly aligned with the new energy regime emerging in Australia.”

Direct Energy Australia (DEA), an engineering firms that offer services to government and private enterprises, will partner with DC Pro Engineering on office coordination and client relations. DEA is said to have an engineering team with expertise in renewable energy, electrical & controls, electrical, mechanical, as well as a forward-thinking geothermal designer, and will facilitate client relations for DC Pro.


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