REXEL IPG supports energy project with cable supply to Iraq

Firm to supply one of the world’s largest oil fields

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In a joint effort with Redco FZE, Rexel IPG has been awarded a contract to supply electrical material, including cable and cable accessories, for one of the world’s largest oil fields located in Iraq. This contract truly illustrates that Rexel IPG is capable of building a competitive offering, including sourcing, logistics and importation compliance challenges related to a project in Iraq.

Starting with their technical expertise to select quality products in line with specifications, they then leveraged their strong relationships with key vendors to secure sourcing, lead time and relevant pricing levels. Compliance wise, efficient processes were implemented to request, collect and submit all required certificates and documentation to get the goods to the country.

Redco FZE, the Rexel Group entity (a world leader in the distribution of electrical supplies) dedicated to serving customers in the Gulf through exports from Dubai, was at the heart of this operation. They provided the local resources and infrastructures necessary to manage the execution of the project.

“We are very pleased to serve a project in Iraq leveraging our expertise and operations. We were able to meet all the required standards, norms and documentation requests due to our solid relationships with vendors, our deep understanding of the Oil & Gas business and our knowledge of the dynamics in the region,” said Jerry James, Rexel IPG Business Development Manager for the Middle East and Europe.

Rexel IPG is a global and specialized supply chain solution provider that has developed capabilities and tools to support our customers optimizing cost, lead time and quality when managing electrical material on capital projects. Find out more about Rexel IPG on its official website,, or by mail:

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