Scaffolding collapse will not affect Tahliya schedule

Saudi authorities say collapse has not affected the remaining parts of the bridge

Saudi authorities have said the recent collapse of scaffolds holding a segment of the Tahliya flyover, being constructed at the intersection of Prince Majed and Prince Muhammad streets, would not affect the bridge.

“The collapse of one portion has not affected the remaining parts of the bridge. An investigation committee will examine all the reasons that caused the collapse and will prepare a report in the coming days,” said Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Nahari, the spokesman for the Jeddah mayoralty.

“Eighteen of the 20 pieces of the bridge have already been installed. What is remaining is fixing the 19th and 20th pieces,”Al-Nahari said, noting that the contractor has been asked to replace the 19th piece that was damaged as a result of the collapse.

The flyover is part of the campaign for beautification of Jeddah that includes constructions of bridges, underpasses, flyovers and new roads to ease the traffic flow on about 68 locations of the city.


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