Hartl reveals new attachment screen for loaders

HSS800 for skid steers, tractors and wheel loaders offers simple yet effective design for quick and economical on-site screening

German equipment maker Hartl has introduced a new screen attachment specially developed for skid steer loaders, tractors and wheel loaders.

The new HSS800 is easy to use, flexible, and fast to attach, and transforms the respective carrier device to a mobile screening plant, said an annoucement from Hartl. The attachment is mainly used for screening building debris, classification of aggregates or qualification of mother floors.

Hartl said that it kept the new screen’s design as simple as possible by avoiding complex components. The sieving capacity of the screen was optimised using advanced engineering tools while wear and tear were minimised, it added.

“The unique and robust shape of the sieve frame reduces the force for picking up the material, which saves the carrier device used. But the highlight is the capacity of 600 litres. This is only possible by a smart hopper and inlet area, also known from the HCS series, in this compact design. Constant feeding and even more throughput result from this,” said Georg Haberfellner, development engineer at Hartl.

The new HSS800 has a total weight of 600kg and a screening area of 1.7sqm. The screen baskets are made of HARDOX steel and the mesh widths can be selected according to customer demand and application requirements.

Using the screen, customers can counteract the rising landfill costs, separate the material immediately on site and reuse it, said Hartl. Significant cost savings also result from the reduction of transport, logistics and procurement expenses.

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