Ritchie Bros. and IronPlanet: Best together

A game-changer for the Middle East construction sector

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Since Ritchie Bros. received the ‘green light’ from the US Department of Justice at the end of May to complete its acquisition of online equipment auction giant IronPlanet, its customers have already began using the combined multichannel platforms to their advantage. Through one point of contact – the Ritchie Bros. Territory Manager – businesses that want to sell equipment now have more powerful solutions at their fingertips.

Different needs, different ways to sell

Ritchie Bros. has combined the best of both companies and now offers a one-stop, multichannel experience for its customers. Depending on the asset itself, the situation and the individual needs of the equipment owner, three main product offerings are now offered at Ritchie Bros. – each with its own unique benefits:

• Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers live unreserved onsite auctions, with online bidding
• IronPlanet’s frequently featured online auctions with exclusive IronClad
Assurance® equipment condition certification
• EquipmentOne / IronPlanet Daily Marketplace, daily online equipment marketplaces (will be combined later in the year)

With more than 485,000 combined asset transactions around the world in 2016 (Ritchie Bros. and IronPlanet together), Ritchie Bros. can offer businesses more valuable consultation and disposition services when equipment needs to be turned into cash. Ritchie Bros.’ Territory Managers are working closely with businesses of all sorts and sizes, consulting which solutions best fit their needs, even with clever package combinations between multiple platforms to get the best possible returns. In the words of Ritchie Bros. CEO, Ravi Saligram: “Together, we are combining decades of industry knowledge and trust – providing customers from around the world with choices and platforms to sell, buy and list equipment when, where and how they want, whether onsite or online.”

Ritchie Bros. live unreserved auctions in Dubai continue to be an extremely powerful place to buy and sell equipment. The team is currently gearing up for its next live auction in Dubai, which will be held on September 19 & 20, 2017. To learn more about the various options to sell and buy equipment contact the Ritchie Bros. Dubai office at +971.4.8120600.

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