Abu Dhabi cracks down on illegal accommodation

Municipality has served 40 fines to date in the crowded Baniyas neighbourhood


In an effort to control and eradicate illegal forms of accommodation, the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) has begun a widescale campaign to crackdown on the practice. The authority says violators place a huge burden on the community, and pose a real risk to health and safety.

Since ADM began its campaign, it has served 40 offences; 30 in Baniyas East 9, and 10 in Baniyas East 10. The authority says congested accommodations can deplete natural resources, and points out that illegal accommodation violates rules, and as such is referring offenders to public prosecution for further action.

According to a press statement issued by ADM, the campaign is part of the authority’s commitment to achieving the highest standards of health and safety. Through this commitment, the Abu Dhabi Municipality aims to provide modern accommodation, and hopes to nurture an environment that is conducive to the living of all residents in the emirate.

The campaign also sets out to educate people about the risks of illegal accommodation in terms of health and safety. The ADM says the practice poses a risk to violators, as well as to the wider community.

Fines for violators of Law No (1) of 2011, which governs the occupancy of residential units in Abu Dhabi ranges from $2,725 to $27,225. Repeat offenders can be fined a minimum of $27,225 but not more than $54,451. In both cases, a court ruling can remove the offence and evict violating occupants at the expense of the offender.

The ADM is actively calling on all residents of Abu Dhabi city to comply with the applicable laws and regulations for their own health and safety.

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