Bahraini workers see salaries jump 3.7%

Study sees employees getting increase in 2012, followed by a ‘major’ jump in 2013

Global management consulting firm Hay Group has said a 3.7% increase workers’ salaries this year in Bahrain is likely to be followed by a ‘major’ pay increase in 2013.

With almost 15% of the workforce preferring to work with the same employer for over 20 years, the Gulf kingdom enjoys one of the highest retention rates in the region, said the consultancy.

“The economy is more stable here, so there is more reason for people to remain with their companies,” Hay Group consultant, Harish Bhatia, told the Gulf Daily News.

“In other Gulf countries, you rarely see people staying with a company for so long,” added Bhatia.

The increase in wages over the years has been relatively stable in Bahrain, compared with neighbouring countries, he noted.

This was because “Bahrain has not seen more than a four to 5% increase in pay compared with other Gulf countries, where you see peaks and troughs of eight to 10% increases,” Bhatia explained.

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