Dubai Municipality launches engineering excellence initiative

Move will make it easier for property owners to select engineering and contracting companies


In a bid to develop and improve procedures for practicing engineering professionals, the Dubai Municipality has announced a new excellence initiative. The system is designed to evaluate engineering offices, contracting companies and construction material suppliers operating within the emirate.

Dubai Municipality says the system will enable property owners and developers to choose engineering offices and contracting companies based on actual data. The initiative focuses on registration and qualification requirements; the latter involves requirements of technical work, drawings, and licensing in addition to requirements of implementing and supervising projects.

“It is used to measure their compliance with the laws, systems and regulations related to practicing engineering professions, which in turn affects the quality of work in the construction sector. The evaluation is done through the standards approved by the Municipality’s Buildings Department, on the basis of their qualifying operations and obtaining building permits, as well as the supervision of construction sites from implementation to completion. Those who obtained high evaluation will be honoured and encouraged,” explained Dawood Al Hajri, assistant director-general for the Engineering and Planning Sector at Dubai Municipality.

This system will also help owners and developers to choose engineering offices and contracting companies based on their technical excellence data that are periodically updated, he added.

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