Drydocks World begins building world’s biggest wind power HVDC offshore platform

Platform will be ready for sail-away from Dubai Drydocks at the end of 2013

Drydocks World, a unit of the Dubai World conglomerate, has started building DolWin Beta, the world’s largest wind power high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) offshore platform for AibelSA, a Norwegian service company that works within the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

DolWin beta will be built for a large wind farm cluster in the German sector of the North Sea. It will receive alternating current from wind farms, and convert it into direct current before sending it onshore via subsea cables.

The dimension of the platform is 100.1 metres by 74.1 metres. It will be 83-metre tall with accommodation and outfits and weigh 20,000 metric tonnes approximately.

The platform can generate 900 MW power and can receive electricity from three wind farms, or a total of 240 turbines.

The platform will be ready for sail-away from Dubai Drydocks end 2013, and will, after assembly and testing, be towed out to the DolWin field from Aibel’s yard at Haugesund, Norway.

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