Livability is priority for future urban planning says EMKAAN

Smart transportation said to be key to smart cities

According to a statement issued by architectural and engineering consultancy EMKAAN, urban planning should be modelled around a city’s inhabitants. The statement was made by the consultant’s principal architect and manager, Muhammad Obaid.

EMKAAN says that smart city planning should incorporate a number of different elements, while keeping residents at the centre of focus.

“The run up to Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to create at least 270,000 jobs in Dubai, and this would lead to a need for smarter housing and spaces for commercial needs. Dubai has crafted its economic vision, and must now fulfill that goal of becoming a business hub and economic centre.

One of the key ways to achieve these goals is to create a smart city that has a robust public transport system and sustainable building practices, keeping in mind human happiness,” states Obaid.

“To achieve Smart Dubai goals, city planners must aim to build well-planned neighbourhoods that are cozy, accessible and safe. Architects and urban planners need to change their approach to design, and it has to focus solely on the human scale,” Obaid adds.

The architect also says that smart transportation will play a major role in smart cities of the future.

“Smart cities are all about public transportation. People should be able to access commercial areas using stress free forms of transport such as self-driving cars, a metro, and even autonomous flying drone taxis.”

Obaid also says that workplaces and homes must be in close proximity, since travelling longer distances results in greater carbon emissions.


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