FILA Surface Care announces expansion at Middle East Stone

UAE branch now manages GCC, South Asia and South Pacific Asia markets

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FILA Surface Care Solutions announced its strong market consolidation in the Middle East, South Asia and South Pacific Asia during the Middle East Stone Show 2017.

“Ever since we opened our regional office in Dubai in 2012, our area of operations has grown exponentially. While we first focused on the GCC region, we are very proud to announce that we have successfully expanded our operations to Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. In terms of specific markets, we are particularly well established in Indonesia, India and the Philippines with many different projects underway there, while regionally, the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait remain our most important markets, and are extremely exciting in terms of the scope of the projects developed.” Explained Fabrizio Nicoli, Commercial Director of FILA Middle East.

With over 70-years’ experience in surface protection, FILA Surface Care Solutions is a leading international manufacturer of eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions for the protection and maintenance of stones, porcelain, ceramics and terracotta.

“Our expertise has also been recently strengthened by our partnership with Italian LAPITEC®, who is among the top international producers of the biggest ‘full body’ sintered stone slabs in the world,” Fabrizio Nicoli added.

With products protecting exterior surfaces from UV-rays, humidity, and dust, and others ensuring the perfect protection of interior flooring and walls, the stone protection and maintenance products FILA has developed cover the whole life of a building.

“Our main asset is our comprehensive and expert approach to stone protection, and that’s what our partners value. Being based in the UAE has allowed us to fully showcase our expertise due to the prestigious projects we have worked on here – such as the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi or the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa. It has also allowed us to gain presence in other regions as it is easy and faster for us to assist the clients technically and commercially from the UAE. Thus we were able to penetrate the steadily-growing South Asia market,” he concluded.

FILA also offers consultancy services and full support during the construction phase. Spanning from solvent-free stain protectors, grout haze removers, epoxy removers and stain removers and detergents, FILA’s products are designed for the treatment of marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, agglomerates and concrete.

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