Abu Dhabi invests $5.44bn to provide labour accommodation

Abu Dhabi government builds 23 different labour cities to house growing labour workforce

The government of Abu Dhabi has said it has so far invested $5.44bn on building 23 different labour cities, as the largest UAE emirate witnesses massive construction projects that require a huge workforce.

The labour cities are currently inhabited by 195,000 workers, or 51% of its maximum capacity of 385,000. These cities provide sports and social activities, public parks, markets, mosques, cinemas, internet facilities and cable television services.

The government has also provided public services such as healthcare clinics and hospitals, supervision of hygiene and food services, and security services. The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority is also tasked with supervising all of the workers’ daily meals, which are provided by catering firms to avoid unsanitary meal preparation practices which can cause food poisoning and related healthcare issues.

Last January, the Executive Council gave the green light to an unprecedented swath of new projects and expansions to existing ones ranging from social infrastructure to health and education. The Council also reaffirmed plans for the Saadiyat Cultural District, finalising the budgets and expected opening dates for four museums, including the Zayed National Museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.


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