TED Talks: How to air condition outdoor stadiums

Wolfgang Kessling, director of Transsolar, the German company behind Doha’s successful 2022 World Cup bid, outlines how he intends to cool outdoor stadiums despite the intense heat of Qatar’s summer

Eminent physicist Wolfgang Kessling, director of Transsolar, the German climate engineering company, spoke at the TEDxSummit in Doha earlier this year about how sustainable design can help Qatar cool spectators and players during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

With the tournament scheduled to be played at the height of summer, concerns have been raised about the scorching summer temperatures which could see games played in 45 degree heat. However, Kessling says that lessons can be learnt from previous World Cups which successfully combated the heat and believes that the introduction of new solutions will see spectators cooled from above and below, while also collecting solar energy for future use.

Kessling and his team at Transsolar were instrumental in Doha’s successful bid to host the World Cup, having designed the solar cooling and comfort concepts that determined whether Qatar could successfully host an event of such magnitude.

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