Yuksel wins $506m contract for bus project in Riyadh

Project will pave way for construction of 34 stations, 1,353 bus stops and six pedestrian bridges in KSA capital

Yuksel, the Turkish construction giant, has won a $506.3 million contract from the Saudi Arabian government for its Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, which will pave the way for the construction of 34 stations, 1,353 community bus stops and six pedestrian bridges in Riyadh.

The project will also serve as feeder lines for the metro stations being built in the capital and in the suburbs, a report from Arab News said. Backed and financed by Ar Riyadh Development Authority (ADA), the completion of the BRT project will mark the completion of Riyadh’s transport infrastructure plan, said Emin Sazak, chairman and chief executive of Yuksel.

He added that the new lines, along with the new transport information management system included in the overall project, will improve accessibility to public transport.

“Every element of the BRT project is contributing to a more efficient, more sustainable and greener transport future for Riyadh,” he was quoted as saying.

“The project will include the much-needed bus terminals, passenger hubs, parking facilities and maintenance depots. This will generate an enormous shift from private cars to public transportation in Riyadh.”

Furthermore, Sazak said that the BRT was only the starting point for collaboration.

“We hope to go beyond the transport sector and continue our collaboration with different entities, including Saudi Aramco, in supporting the sustainable development of the Kingdom within the framework of the Vision 2030,” he said in the interview with Arab News.

Yuksel specialises in the construction of dams, marine structures, transport systems and industrial projects worldwide. It has completed 39 projects in Saudi Arabia worth a total of $2.16 billion.

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