Skilled workers needed in Iraq, CEO of largest employer says

Samad Al Khudari says his company is forced to look all across the Middle East to obtain skilled workforce, so as to meet the increase demand in the country

The CEO of Iraq’s largest employer Al Fayha Group has said the company is looking across the Middle East to recruit skilled workers in order to keep up with a wave of new projects.

Speaking to The Big Project Samad Al Khudairi said despite the country’s universities being full with the next generation of engineers, more are needed to work on massive infrastructure, industrial and private sector projects.

“There is a real need for engineers and qualifies project managers in the market and to meet the demand we are relying on recruitment companies in Dubai, Jordan and Iraq and Iraqi universities,” said Al Khudairi.

“The scope of work and the fact so many Iraqis have left the country means we need to bring them back in order to build all the contracted projects,” he added.

With priority allocated to housing and road projects, the government is spending almost $10bn on a string of projects that are due for completion by 2015.

Al Fayha is currently planning a 250,000sqm residential project that will provide homes for 600 people and has been contracted by the government to build 25 schools.

“The people of Iraq just want to have a normal life with permanent power, water and internet, but it’s not very easy to provide because so much needs to be built,” he continued.

“Iraq has special requirements for companies to work here. Most people are concerned about security but most of the country is stable and a company cannot effectively work here if you are not based here,” he added.


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