Portacool flags alternative cooling use in hospitality

The global evaporative cooling market was valued at $4.48bn in 2015


Portacool says that environmentally-friendly cooling solutions should be considered to support the growing hospitality and tourism sectors in the region.

The portable cooling specialist claims that evaporative cooling solutions will enable businesses to sustain income in outdoor venues during even the hot summer months.

Evaporative cooling is said to offer suitable cooling performance without adversely affecting the environment. The US-based company also says that the solution has minimal impact on a company’s bottom line, and will allow hotels and venues to utilise outdoor spaces efficiently.

“With more hotels and leisure facilities being constructed around the world, regions can see energy consumption skyrocket. In the Middle East, where energy consumption for cooling is exacerbated by extreme weather conditions, those costs can rise even more,” explained Thomas Morrison, Marketing Director at Portacool. “Over the years, however, we have seen more and more venues put their outdoor spaces to use even in the hottest months by adopting environment-friendly, low emission cooling systems, such as evaporative coolers. This trend is likely to continue in the Middle East with recent decisions from Dubai Municipality authorising hotels to build restaurants on the rooftops.”

The global evaporative cooling market was valued at $4.48b in 2015, and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.84% over the reporting period to reach $5.95bn by the end of 2020, per a report by Mordor Intelligence. The rise is said to support the recent uptake of sustainable evaporative cooling solutions, both regionally and globally.

Evaporative cooling makes use of a natural process, namely the reduction of air temperature by the evaporation of water. Although evaporative cooling is an age-old process, new technological advances have positioned it as a viable alternative to conventional air conditioning. Evaporative cooling works best in open and outdoor areas where traditional air-conditioning is impractical or ineffective.

“Both the tourism and hospitality markets continue to be a valuable source of revenue for the Middle East. Along with that, the ongoing development of these markets looks robust in the region. Portacool wants to be a part of that growth and ensure the most efficient and green cooling solutions, such as evaporative cooling, are implemented.”

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