KSA, UAE firms complying with midday ban

UAE Labour Ministry says 99.6% of companies were in compliance of summer ban

Saudi Arabia has started enforcing the summer midday work ban to protect construction workers and other employees labouring outdoors.

The Kingdom-wide ban, first implemented by the Ministry of Labour in the summer of 2011, prohibits outdoor work between noon and 3.00pm from July 1 through August 31. The UAE, where the ban went into effect on June 15, also bans workers from working in the sun or in exposed outdoor areas between 12.30-3pm until September 15.

The UAE Labour Ministry said 99.6% of companies were in compliance with the summer months ban. Only 34 companies violated the regulation and have been “punished duly,” said the Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Inspection Affairs, Maher Al-Obad.

According to regulations, any employer found in violation of the rules will be penalised $4,000 for each breach, and in the event of recurring violation, the inspectors will consider re-classifying the company which could make it more difficult to employ labourers.

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