Dubai’s RTA plans to expand smart lighting project

Technology relies on a custom designed control room application, which also offers accident reporting features

The Dubai Water Canal

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that it is planning to expand its Smart LED Lighting Technology Project, after it tracked a 50% improvement in power consumption in areas where it had deployed the technology.

The RTA installed smart lighting technology on the bridges that span the recently opened Dubai Water Canal, as well as on Sheikh Zayed Road, and in Al Barsha South 1 and 2 residential areas.

“The smart lighting technology enables the RTA to control the lighting levels through preset fade-out programmes at certain times that generates additional savings due to the reduced rates of power consumption and maintenance costs. LED lighting is one of the best environment-friendly technologies in curbing carbon emission. It produces high-level and symmetric lighting throughout the road,” explained Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency.

The institution says it relies on a custom designed app for their control room, however the app offers additional functionality as well.

“We took the initiative to expand the use of this technology as it enables central control of remote lighting units in real-time through a smart app tailor-made for the control room. This app is fed by a database of feedback received from lighting units, which assists in monitoring the operational condition of lighting as well as the sharing of information and operational commands with these units. Another feature of the system is the automatic reporting of crashes, which cuts the response time to emergency maintenance, and enhances the operational efficiency. Smart, high-definition cameras have been installed to provide statistical data for monitoring the density of pedestrian movement in the locality,” explained Adai.

The RTA is also in the process of mapping out a master plan for Dubai, which incorporates the use of smart lighting technology. The plan is being drawn up in line with global best practices, as part of Dubai’s ongoing Smart City initiative.

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