Award-winning Force 8 Half-Mask now available in three sizes

JSP masks come with ‘Press to Check’ feature to ensure a good fit

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JSP Ltd has introduced three sizes for its popular Force 8 Half-Mask to ensure a perfect fit and thus guarantee optimum protection for all wearers, wherever they are in the world. JSP’s award-winning mask, complete with Press to Check filters, has revolutionised daily face fit-checking and is the perfect choice for both men and women around the globe.

To help you select the correct mask for the shape and size of your face, JSP has designed a Force 8 Size Guide to indicate whether you require a Small, Medium or Large Half-Mask to help create the very best face fit.

To determine the right size for you, simply rest your chin on the guide and adjust the size indicator to where the top of the mask will sit. Check the fit by using the exclusive hinged design of the Press to Check filters, which facilitate instant and accurate checking of face-fitting every time.

Steve Sheridan – UK Sales Director at JSP Ltd ‒ says: “With three sizes of Force 8 Half-Masks JSP has the perfect solution when it comes to obtaining the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes of face. In particular, we have introduced the small version of the Force 8 Masks for women.”

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