Oman’s MEDC to advise developers on eco-friendly tech, designs

State owned utility firm plans to start advising government departments and private players on ways to be energy efficient

Developers in Oman have been urged by the Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) to incorporate energy-efficient technologies and environment-friendly construction designs.

As part of a long-term plan, the state-owned utility firm plans to start advising the government departments as well as the private players in the real estate sector on ways to be energy efficient, said Zahran Zahir Al Ruqeishi, corporate communication specialist at MEDC.

“We think the time is ripe for real estate developers to incorporate energy-efficient designs to reduce the consumption of electricity,”Al Ruqeishi told the Times of Oman.

“We urge real estate developers to seriously consider using solar power panels in their buildings since it is environment-friendly and also economically feasible in the long run,” he said.

Other methods developers can utilise include double-plating the roof or windows with glazed materials and the use of insulated blocks for walls, Al Ruqeishi said, noting that specific legislations to build energy-efficient housing may become a future necessity.

“We are not proposing regulations for the construction sector to be taken into account at the moment, but we think that this should be the next step. Our aim is to encourage real estate developers to voluntarily adopt these measures,” he said.

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