Vodafone Qatar launches fleet management service

Telematics based service in partnership with Qatar Mobility Center enables tracking of mobile assets for efficiency, safety and economy

Vodafone Qatar has announced the launch of its Fleet Management service, a telematics service designed to track mobile assets and perform logistics management for companies aiming to enhance fleet productivity and tackle road safety issues.

Launched in partnership with Qatar Mobility Innovations Center (QMIC), the service utilises Vodafone’s Global Internet of Things (IoT) platform that was launched in Qatar earlier this year, said the telecom company in a statement.

The main components of the Vodafone Fleet Management service are a QMIC Masarak Telematics tracking device coupled with a Vodafone Global SIM installed inside the vehicle being tracked. The Masarak system provides a tracking portal on a computer which is accessed by the customer through the internet or on a mobile phone, the statement explained.

The telematics tracking device sends event reports to the customer via SMS, e-mail and pop-up signals and the service is also supported by Vodafone’s business care team, which is available 24 hours a day to provide the necessary customer support services, ensuring smooth operation of the service for all users.

The statement added that the Vodafone Fleet management service is an intelligent telematics service within QMIC’s Masarak system, a locally-built system that utilises the latest mobility technologies to address Qatar’s needs for intelligent transportation. The features of the service include real-time traffic data, most updated GIS layers, and the ability to dynamically cater to the evolving requirements of the local market.

“We are confident that our global expertise in IoT solutions and in delivering fleet management services, coupled with QMIC’s locally engineered innovations and knowledge, will eliminate challenges companies in Qatar face in managing their fleets of vehicles. Ultimately this service will improve productivity, improve safety and significantly reduce costs,” said Ian Gray, CEO, Vodafone Qatar.

Dr. Adnan Abu-Dayya, executive director (CEO) of QMIC, added: “We are excited about this partnership between Vodafone and QMIC to deliver an important service (using) our leading Masarak solution. This partnership is in line with QMIC’s strategy to work with local and regional partners to promote various innovative and differentiated locally-built services securing the needs of the market”.

Fleet Management solutions deliver faster response times through more efficient job allocation, reduction in fuel costs due to shorter journeys and higher revenues, as drivers can complete more jobs, said the statement from Vodafone. Driver behaviour can also be monitored to encourage safer and more efficient driving and reduce insurance premiums. For all companies in this sector, IoT technology has been proven to help their fleets meet regulatory and corporate sustainability targets by reducing fuel use and carbon emissions, the statement added.

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