UAE’s Etihad Museum opens to the public

Visitors will be taken on a journey documenting the UAE’s foundation and growth

The Etihad Museum was officially opened to the public on 7 January 2017, according to an announcement by the Dubai Arts & Culture Authority (Dubai Culture), reports the UAE state news agency WAM.

Designed by Moriyana & Teshima Architects and located next to the historic Union House on the Dubai waterfront, it honours the 1971 signing of the document that created the country and celebrates the culture and history of its people.

Through photos, films, documents, collections and interactive pavilions, visitors will be taken on a journey through the UAE’s foundation and growth. The dramatic entrance pavilion rests lightly upon a reflecting pool and plaza, its undulating parabolic curves representing the parchment upon which the unification agreement was written and its tapering golden columns representing the pens with which the document was signed.

Light-wells of varying shapes and sizes illuminate the expansive underground spaces, which in turn lead to the circular Union House, the location of the original signing ceremony, and the recreated Guest House where the leaders of the seven member emirates resided during negotiations.

The surrounding landscape treatment includes the re-establishment of the original 1971 shoreline of Jumeirah Beach, which is represented by a reflecting pool and sandy beachfront.

“Etihad Museum will offer the public a valuable opportunity to discover year-round the events before, during and after the Union agreement’s signing in 1971. In doing so, the museum will enhance visitor understanding of the rights, privileges and responsibilities bestowed upon the nation’s citizens through the UAE constitution,” said Saeed Al Nabouda, Acting Director-General of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.


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